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PCOR-ANZ seeks to develop a population-based prostate cancer clinical registry to improve the quality of care provided to men diagnosed with prostate cancer.



Collecting a common data set of clinical measures across Australia and New Zealand enables reporting to clinicians and hospitals on outcomes and patterns of care that matter.

Through the provision of bi-annual Clinical Quality reports, the registry can:

  • Provide a cross-sectional view of clinical and demographic aspects of prostate cancer
  • Understand the uptake of evidence-based practice
  • Collect up-to-date information about patterns of care
  • Enable oversight of changing patterns of disease demographics and management
  • Assist in the design of clinical trials and identification of questions for study
  • Provide clinicians and institutions with mortality and morbidity data associated with various risk and treatment groups, both for their own patients and the wider cohort of men with prostate cancer.

See below for a complete list of Clinical Quality Indicators:

Icon PCOR-ANZ Clinical Quality Indicators (305.0 KB)


Improving the lives of men living with prostate cancer is at the heart of this initiative.

We use the EPIC-26 validated questionnaire to capture how men view their quality of life. Patient reported outcome surveys are collected prior to treatment (optional), and at 12 and perhaps 24 months post active treatment. 

The questionnaire addresses:

For the first time, doctors and health professionals will be able to access patient experience data, transforming the treatment and care for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.


PCOR-ANZ is made possible through collaboration with participating clinicians and public and private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand, who are committed to quality treatment and outcomes in prostate cancer.  

By participating in PCOR-ANZ, you commit to: 

  • Allow the registry to contact patients diagnosed with prostate cancer in your hospital or clinical practice
  • Provide explanatory information to patients and carers about the registry and its purpose
  • Provide data collectors with access to medical records stored in your hospital or clinical practice
  • Act on information that is provided back from the registry regarding quality of care.

Your valuable participation in PCOR-ANZ will enable the registry to:

  • Support research at a population level that enables comparisons across Australia and New Zealand
  • Provide risk adjusted, evidence-based reports to clinicians and hospitals on a bi-annual cycle, based on a common set of clinical quality indicators
  • Increase the implementation of best practice guidelines for treatment
  • Assess patterns of care
  • Reduce variation in patient outcomes
  • Identify factors that predict better treatment outcomes
  • Provide information to patients about the risks and benefits of specific approaches to prostate cancer treatment.

Participation is voluntary, however the more institutions and clinicians that support PCOR-ANZ, the more effective it will be at ensuring the best possible health service to men with prostate cancer.

If you wish to participate in PCOR-ANZ, please contact your PCOR-ANZ coordinator in your local area.

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By signing up to participate in PCOR-ANZ, you will be entitled to the following:

All hospitals and clinicians participating in PCOR-ANZ are presented with the “Stamp” and a certificate of participation, to positively and publicly acknowledge your commitment to quality treatment and outcomes in prostate cancer. Look out for participating certificates in consulting suites and hospital waiting rooms, and for this logo on websites, conference presentations or other social media channels: