A multi-level spatio-temporal analysis on prostate cancer outcomes.

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Cancer Epidemiology

Patterns of care for prostate cancer treatment and improving outcomes – are national registries the answer?

Michael O’Callaghan, Nathan Papa, Marie Pase, Mark Frydenberg, Stephen Mark, Kim Moretti, Saad Maqsood, David Smith, Tony Walker, Craig White, Jeremy Millar, On behalf of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry of Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ)

BJU International

Predictors of real-world utilisation of docetaxel combined with androgen deprivation therapy in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

Azad AA, Tran B, Davis ID, Parente P, Evans M, Wong S, Brown S, Evans S, Millar J, Murphy DG, Papa N.

Internal Medicine Journal

Patterns of primary staging for newly diagnosed prostate cancer in the era of prostate specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography: A population-based analysis.

Papa N, Perera M, Murphy DG, Lawrentschuk N, Evans M, Millar JL, Bolton D.

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology


(Dis)concordance of comorbidity data and cancer status across administrative datasets, medical charts, and self-reports

Sheriffdeen, A., Millar, J.L., Martin, C. et al.

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Forecasting annual incidence and mortality rate for prostate cancer in Australia until 2022 using autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models.

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BMJ Open

Trends in Conservative Management for Low-risk Prostate Cancer in a Population-based Cohort of Australian Men Diagnosed Between 2009 and 2016.

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European Urology Oncology

A randomised controlled trial comparing completeness of responses of three methods of collecting patient-reported outcome measures in men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Hoque, D.M.E., Earnest, A., Ruseckaite, R., Lorgelly, P., Sampurno F., Evans, M., Evans, S.M.

Quality of Life Research

Prostate cancer awareness, case-finding, and early diagnosis: Interviews with undiagnosed men in Australia.

Kannan, A., Kirkman, M., Ruseckaite, R., Evans, S.M.

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Extent and predictors of grade upgrading and downgrading in an Australian cohort according to the new prostate cancer grade groupings.

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Satisfaction with care in men with prostate cancer.

Forgione, M., Sara, S., Vincent, A.D., Borg, M., Moretti, K., O'Callaghan, M.E.

European Journal of Cancer Care


Patterns of care and outcomes for men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Victoria: an update

Luke L Wang, Kirobel Begashaw, Melanie Evans, Arul Earnest, Sue M Evans, Jeremy L Millar, Declan G Murphy, Daniel Moon

PubMed (

Localised prostate cancer in elderly men aged 80–89 years, findings from a population-based registry

Sina Vatandoust, Ganessan Kichenadasse Michael O'Callaghan Andrew D. Vincent Tina Kopsaftis Scott Walsh Martin Borg Christos S. Karapetis Kim Moretti

BJU International


ISUP Group 4 - a Homeogenous Group of Prostate Cancers

Thomas Chengxuan Lu, Kim Moretti, Kerri Beckmann, Penelope Cohen, Michael O'Callaghan

Pathology & Oncology Research

Oncological outcomes in an Australian cohort according to the new prostate cancer grading groupings

K. R. Beckmann, A. D. Vincent, M. E. O’Callaghan, P. Cohen, S. Chang, M. Borg, S. M. Evans, D. M. Roder, K. L. Moretti and for the South Australia Prostate Cancer Clinical Outcomes Collaborative

BMC Cancer

Patient-Reported Outcomes after Radiation Therapy in Men with Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review of Prognostic Tool Accuracy and Validity

O’Callaghan ME, Raymond E, Campbell JM, et al. (2017)

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Population-Based Study of Grade Progression in Patients Who Harboured Gleason 3 + 3

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Australian Validation of the Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment Post-Surgical Score to Predict Biochemical Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy

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Tools for Predicting Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy: A Systematic Review of Prognostic Accuracy and Validity

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An Appraisal of Analytical Tools Used in Predicting Clinical Outcomes Following Radiation Therapy Treatment of Men with Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review

Raymond E, O’Callaghan ME, Campbell J, et al. (2017)

Radiation Oncology

Study Protocol of an Equivalence Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Three Different Approaches to Collecting Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Data Using the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry-Victoria (PCOR-VIC)

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Prostate Cancer Outcomes and Delays in Care

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Optimum Tools for Predicting Clinical Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy: A Systematic Review of Prognostic Accuracy and Validity

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Clinical Genitourinary Cancer


Application of International Society of Urological Pathology's (ISUP) New Grade Categories for Prostate Cancer: Outcomes and Upgrading in South Australia (Abstract)

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BJU International

Prostate Cancer Outcomes for Men Who Present with Symptoms at Diagnosis

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BJU International

Development of Indicators to Assess Quality of Care for Prostate Cancer

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EU Focus

A Retrospective Analysis of Victorian and South Australian Clinical Registries for Prostate Cancer: Trends in Clinical Presentation and Management of the Disease

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Prostate Cancer in Men Aged Less Than 50 Years at Diagnosis

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World Journal of Urology

Men Presenting with Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Values of over 100ng/mL

Ang M, Rajcic B, Foreman D, Moretti K & O’Callaghan ME (2016)

BJU International

Development of an International Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry

Evans S, Nag N, Roder D, Millar J, et al. (2016)

BJU International

Development of South Australian-Victorian Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Dataset

Ruseckaite R, Beckmann K, O’Callaghan M, et al. (2016)

BMC Research Notes

Prospective Evaluation of Patient Reported Quality of Life Outcomes After External Beam Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer in Victoria: A Cohort Study by the Victorian Prostate Cancer Registry

Bandarage P, Kumari VR, Billah B, Millar JL & Evans S. (2016)

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology


Comparison of Patient-Reported Quality-Of-Life and Complications in Men with Prostate Cancer, Between Two Modes of Administration

Sampurno F, Ruseckaite R, Millar JL & Evans S. (2015)

Clinical Genitourinary Cancer

The State of TRUS Biopsy Sepsis: Readmissions to Victorian Hospitals with TRUS Biopsy-Related Infection over 5 Years

Roth H, Millar JL, Cheng AC, Byrne A, Evans S & Grummet J. (2015)

BJU International

Comparison of Oncological and Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes Between Open and Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy for Localised Prostate Cancer-Findings from the Population-Based Victorian Prostate Cancer Registry

Ong WL, Evans S, Spelman T, Kearns PA, Murphy DG & Millar JL. (2015)

BJU International

Predictors and Rate of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Following Radical Prostatectomy: A Report from the Prostate Cancer Registry

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Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology

Monitoring Quality of Care in Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer: Developing Consensus Quality Indicators Using Modified-Delphi Methodology

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The Current Use of Active Surveillance in an Australian Cohort of Men: A Pattern of Care Analysis from the Victorian Prostate Cancer Registry

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Positive Surgical Margins: Rate, Contributing Factors and Impact on Further Treatment: Findings from the Prostate Cancer Registry

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The Prostate Cancer Registry: Monitoring Patterns and Quality of Care for Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

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BJU International

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